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About Me

About Me

Hello, I’m a UX Designer from Sheffield, England. I am currently studying Web Systems Design at Sheffield Hallam University.

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    Jonn Howat
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My Mission

To find out what User Experience really is and strive to learn and expand my knowledge. It is about more than just the product, it is about the bigger picture. The aim of image translator is to convert people's images into positive user experiences from start to finish.


Web Systems Design BSc Hons

Sheffield Hallam University / 2013 – 2017

WSD is a practically oriented, vocational course in the understanding, design and exploitation of computation and computer technology, particularly as applied to the creation of web-based business applications and their supporting infrastructure. Programme aims three-folds. One is to develop my technical awareness, typically intending to take web development or IT team leader/management roles. The second aim is to develop a critical awareness of the current and coming technical environments, particularly in the area of the design, implementation and support of robust business-to-client and business-to-business web-based information systems. Also an objective of the course is to equip myself with key skills required for employment within the IT industry and a strong understanding of the need for continuing professional development and lifelong learning. - A module breakdown available upon request.

Sixth Form

Priory Academy LSST / 2011 – 2013

Secondary School

Priory Academy LSST / 2007 – 2011

Primary School

British School of Brussels / 2005 – 2007




I first started self teaching Photoshop in 2010 as part as my work experience in London for Tim Flach.

Web Design


Naturally my university course has provided me the current trends for web design.



My expertise in front-end coding ensures confidence in prototyping designs.



With many years experience in front-end code I feel confident coding in CSS and familiar compilers such as SASS.



InVision & Balsamiq are just some of the applications I have become familiar with whilst learning UX Design.

Javascript Libraries


I am able to understand Javascript Libraries and understand the restrictions they pose.



A specific module at university has given me knowledge of MVC applications.



A&B Testing, User Surveys, Wireframes & Prototypes, User Flows, Storytelling, Design Patterns, User Profiles & Personas are just some of the types of testing approaches I understand.


UI/UX Designer

VeriLocation / 2015 - 2016

Creating high-quality graphics and applying creations to a user-centric design. Creating strong graphic designs with HTML5 and CSS. Positioning and control UI elements along with an understanding of how to construct designs flexible enough to display across multiple browsers, screen sizes, platforms, and devices.

Junior Web Developer

Websell Masters / 2015 - 2015

Amending and creating websites for clients within strict deadlines.


Present - 2012

Although I am still at the early stages of my career I have had opportunities to demonstrate my abilities within user experience and web design. Finding freelance work gives me the opportunity to investigate and practise my knowledge. Whilst on an industry placement year I was introduced to user experience and this is where my interest first started. Since then I have known that my future belongs in user experience as I am able to combine my interest in technology with my passion for creativity.


Portfolio Title

Portfolio Title

Portfolio Title

Portfolio Title

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My Thoughts

UX Design

Being within Brackets

My world always ends up with a close bracket. No matter how hard I design and push the boundaries it is inevitable that it has to be fenced between an open and a close set of brackets...

18 Feb 2016 Posted By Admin
UX Design

Does your dream job even exist?

I am yet to meet someone who has landed the job they wanted as a child. Someone who has managed to stay within their lane and finish up where they wanted...

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