Being within Brackets

My world always ends up with a close bracket. No matter how hard I design and push the boundaries it is inevitable that it has to be fenced between an open and a close set of brackets. This is a development standard and without these two simple lines all of my work would simply be a blank page. These constraints are what distance the communication between design and development. For many years there has never been a bridge connecting design and development. Companies are finally realizing this and many new job titles are being created to allow both departments to inter-join.

I could say I see both ends of the brackets. I design the initial ideas and see it all the way through to the users experience. I sit down and indulge in creativity from all aspects of the business. Turning thoughts into an actual product or service. The closest job title I could give myself would be a UI/UX designer. I grasp the creative side and have the technical knowledge to understand the requirements of how to develop. My past includes front end development, photography and film production. I am currently studying Web Systems Design at university. All of this gives me a strong foundation in website creation and allows me to be the one who connects teams together. My purpose is to make many ideas and emotions into something real.

I am no writer. The only writing I do consists of emails and code, and even then I rely on the help of auto correct. I do not expect this blog to be a literacy masterpiece, if anything it is more of a collaboration of ideas and experiences. I find it difficult to define where my career is going due to how quickly my industry is growing. A few years ago my job didn't even exist, so how am I to know where I will end up? I wanted to start a blog to help share ideas and creativity. To allow me to speak about experiences and review ideas. Hopefully to speak as a community and give advice and share knowledge. Like many things I deal with, who knows what will happen?

I hope to target my blogs on individual ideas, processes, systems and much more. This has been a simple introduction about myself. Look forward to more />