Does your dream job even exist?

I am yet to meet someone who has landed the job they wanted as a child. Someone who has managed to stay within their lane and finish up where they wanted to be so many years ago. Is this due to how we are all driven by life's choices or how quickly our industry is developing?

A few years ago my job never existed. Developers were given very little creative licence and they knew that. They were given a piece of paper of a PSD and told to make it. A meeting would be held to adjust changes from there on. This is what drew the line between becoming a developer or a designer for me. You had to choose one and there was very little chance of anything else. For me it felt like choosing the light or dark side of the force. One has more power and control and the other, well it is the light side. My side. I am not trying to say one is good and one is bad but they do have a complete division. Something which I hated for years. Seeing developers sitting in corners, chewing out thousands of lines of code and filtering into the background. Whereas designers had this prejudice of loving the light, open windows, fresh air, less is more and white space is best. I thought this was the normality of the workplace until I saw something different. It came from America.

Never scared of jumping away from the norm and starting new, America made the next step. Time and time again I saw people talking about front end development, user experience and user interface. Developers were able to come back into the light and start making changes to design. Designers are now prompted to learn code to help transition the work and decrease project time. Seeing this all unfold in America I quickly took to the internet searching for job opportunities. I was quickly disappointed to find that the UK is far behind the trend that America is setting. Yes the UK is much smaller but its all the same industry.

Soon after I found this all out I was looking for a job. Something to push myself and gain as much experience as possible. I applied for a front-end developer role and somehow ended up becoming a UI/UX developer and having to learn new skills that uni never taught me. Few months down the line and I had learnt so much more about the industry that I hadn't realized existed. It became obvious why there are so little UI/UX developers in the UK. Companies simply don't understand what they are needed for but things are changing and they are changing rapidly. Companies are creating UX and UI teams in their IT departments. They are redesigning the office space for better communication, work rate and work space. Systems are getting retouched to increase project development speed. So much more is happening in and around the industry due to UX and UI being recognized and we are only just on the edge of it. In the last few months I have seen a huge surge in jobs. Surprisingly car companies are starting to look into user experience designers to help with production. Helping get the best experience for the user in and out of the car. So it isn't just my industry that is getting affected by these changes.

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Yes I did fall into UX/UI design unintentionally but the passion it has given me is something that cannot be undone. There is so much that needs to happen in this tiny part of the IT world that the impact of it could cause a ripple across the whole pond and affect everyone.

So does your dream job even exist? Personally, no it does not exist. I know I have only seen a small fragment of the IT world and I know there is always growth. Lets see what happens next! />